This is a full guide which will explain how to retrieve your Dubtrack playlists and import them in to QueUp.


Part 1). Exporting your Dubtrack playlists

Part 2). Importing your Dubtrack playlists into QueUp

Part 1). Exporting your Dubtrack playlists

  1. Head over to
  2. Enter your Dubtrack username or email address if that's how you signed up
  3. Once you have found the playlist you want to export, click 'View'
  4. At the top click 'Download as interactive webpage' and save the file - you will need this later
  5. Do this for every playlist that you wish to export and once you're done, you can close the exporter tab


Part 2). Importing your Dubtrack playlists into QueUp

  1. First you will need to add the Dub2QueUp extension made by community user Matt. You can get the extension from (Note: You may run into issues using this extension if you have the extension Dub+ enabled. Please temporarily disable Dub+ before trying to use Dub2QueUp)
  2. You will need to drag the 'Dubtrack -> QueUp' button to your bookmarks bar like this:

      3. With the extension in your bookmarks you will now need to go to a room on QueUp

      4. Once you're in a room, you will need to load the extension. You can do this by simply clicking on the bookmark in your bookmarks bar, like so:

    5. Once activated, you will need to click the 'Choose file' button. This will open a file explorer

    6. You will need to locate the .html file that was downloaded. The name of the file will be the same as the playlist that was exported from Dubtrack

    7. After you have selected the playlist you want to import, click the 'Import this list' button

    8. If successful, it will say 'import completed'

    9. To view the playlist, you may need to refresh the tab, but once you've done that if you go to that playlist viewer, you will see your playlist there!

And that's all there is to it! We would like to give a huge thanks to Matt for developing this tool and we hope this guide has helped in getting your old playlists back. Should you have any questions, please send us an email