We have multiple ways for you to add songs to your playlist(s):

    Searching YouTube or Soundcloud – If you want to get a song from YouTube or Soundcloud, you can enter the name of the song in the Search box at the top of the playlist browser. To the right of the Search box there is a drop-down list you can use to select which service you want to get your song(s) from. Type in the name of the song you're looking for In the Search box and hit enter. Find the song you want. (If you're not quite sure if the song you've found is the right one, you can hit the Preview button underneath the song to listen to it) Once you've found the song you want, hover over it and there will be two buttons you can use to do different actions.

    Heart button – When you click this button, a box will pop-up asking which playlist you would like to add the song to.

    Play button – This button adds the song straight to your queue.

These two buttons can also be found on songs that are already in playlists.